Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Suprisingly Motorbikes take up a lot of my time and thought , I enjoy watching the MotoGP and the WSBK Races

In 2004 I came across a Cad Package as i used to draw in Pencil for many years but found it frustrating to sit at a desk for up to 11 hours at a time to do one drawing and spend ages shading the pics this seemes like a good idea no more paper and a easier route to fixing all the fuck ups with a button push rather than a pencil rubber .

Allways loved one Paerticular Bike Engine the Honda CBX 1000 a 6 cylinder across the frame air cooled engine , even today i'd love anutha one i did have one in 1984 but it was a poor example and to be honest a big dissapointment . Today however given the chance and enuf Money i'd build this

Yup not very practical a Turbo Nuttah B'stard Hardtail but my idea of heaven i defy anyone to not love the sound of a screaming 6


  1. now thats one big f'ing bike pug

  2. A six with a turbo. That would be scary fast. And fun.